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Jeanene Bacchi


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeanene has been playing in local bands up and down the Peninsula since the late 1980's.

Starting out as an assistant in The Tommy Knight Show, a karaoke sing-along show in 1988, Jeanene then joined her first band (The Stand) in 1989.

In 1990, Jeanene formed a new band Rock of Ages, and played for the next 10 years on the Peninsula and along the coast.

Taking some breaks on and off, Jeanene played in other bands such as Borrowed Time, Full Moon and Two Week Streak, genre's that include classic rock, pop, country and reggae.

Jeanene and fellow member Todd Jones started off as a duet, Red Hot and Salty before adding more members, turning "Salty" into "Saltines".

Red Hot and the Saltines have been together now since late 2020 and together have formed an awesome collection of great classic covers that get audiences up dancing and singing along.

Be sure to read "The Story Behind Red Hot and the Saltines"

Jeanene Bacchi
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